Overwhelmed. Things Do Change If Only We Look At Them From a Different Perspective

I know the Law of attraction quite well. I have read the books. I had searched the internet for additional information, I had tried and applied so many exercises and even acquired some personal development software that gave me a head start on visualizing my goals, and from those past experiences I am grateful because they helped me to understand the principles…the why and how things work, and that was important for me to make a decision of what I believe in and what steps I was willing to take in order to make a difference in my life.    

But Omnia was a concept that overwhelmed me from the second I received that blessed and very special invitation from an exceptional friend that I hadn’t heard of in awhile – today he is my Omnia Life Coach and I am grateful for the ongoing support. The tools, they act on every front of the conscious and subconscious mind. To choose which of the Omnia wizard features works best for me is impossible because I use them all as instructed in the manual. I clearly do not know which of the tools are more effective for I truly believe that they should be used together and that’s why I take no chances and getting it wrong. However I am really fond of the subliminal mindmapping software, because from former books I know that it infallibly works. Chirac the former President of France even used this for his campaign to run for President. He became the President of France!

I have been an Omnia member for 4 months now and my accomplishments have been outstanding. I actually give myself a hug everyday and remind myself of how much I actually deserve to live the life that only 4 months ago I thought would be a mirage or some sort of dream. I have reached more goals and accomplished more dreams in 4 months than over the past 4 years. I was clearly not seeing the big picture and the Omnia wizard applications put it all into perspective.

I have lost 30lbs, I have renewed my wardrobe (obviously, because my old clothes don’t fit – and my old thoughts don’t have a place to live in my mind anymore), I feel great and I have fallen in love! I am truly living extraordinary moments of well-being. I am a lawyer and I was offered partnership just this last month. I couldn’t believe it. With Omnia, from day one I began to use the affirmation generator in order to increase my professional success and I landed 4 major clients for our company and to tell you the truth, those clients contacted me! In my line of work – things just don’t happen this way, we actually have to get down and gritty to win one! My associates are actually stunned at how my luck has turned. I’m on top of the world, but I know it has nothing to do with luck. We create our own luck or misfortune. I know this was a direct result of a certain affirmation that I have been using.

Two weeks ago I started applying the Success Formula for my next specific deliberate creation. My new car! I put all the details into my creation, color, interiors, you name it. Yesterday, it manifested. Believe it or not, at the time of my promotion I hadn’t a clue, but it came with the job a month and a half later. Incredible how so many things can change.

For all the people that know and heard about the Law of Attraction but find it hard to pursue their dreams and desires, for all the people who think that it is to much work to track your thoughts and believes to alter them and to begin believing in your dreams, for all the people who apply the Law of Attraction but it takes them months or years to attain what they want and maybe never manifest anything they had hoped for because they begin to wonder if they will ever get what they want, for those that do not see results, take note: becoming an Omnia Member will change your life. Here’s the link: http://www.omnia-online.org

The methods, the tools… you will be eager to use them because from now on you will put an end to the leeks in your method as this software is so complete and rich of features that it will unavoidably help you to attain your goals and dreams and ultimately those results you have been aspiring for.

Ask, believe and receive… I have found nothing other to be so true.

Melinndaa Melinndaa
Feb 11, 2009