My magical journey based on book "The magic" written by Rhonda Byrne for attracting my desires of life( A perfect dream JOB and my marriage with my love)

Day 28-Remember the magic
Today just go through the entire day of yesterday and think of all the blessings you had like you got a gift, compliments, received a call, email, spend quality time with one you love etc. and write it down.

I have completed 28 days of magic and I am already feeling very positive and full of life.

All you guys please do read it. Anyone want it on pdf form do inbox me with email id.

Magic dust to you all.

Regarding my achievement of dreams through magic ie , job and marriage, I did attract 2 jobs but I guess time is not right and hence decided not t join and marriage is on the way.

So guys go get your dreams.

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1 Response Aug 15, 2014

I have read The Secret, The Power and The Magic. Well done for finishing the book.

Inbox me, It would be great to talk :)