I am thankful for the money that was gifted to me today! I am thankful for the law of attraction because it works! I'm thankful for many other things today- my children of course they are so bright and beautiful. For all the job opportunities we have. For everybody being happy and smiling and healthy. For my studio and my abilities in art. for my spouses talents. For being able to go to school and get my homework done!

what I attract-
I deserve abundance. Riches flow into my life. I am successful. We are wealthy. I'm a famous artist, the best and most talented in the world. I'm lean and healthy. I'm a college graduate. I'm a registered nurse. My kids are successful and happy. The universe is safe and friendly. I care for others. People love to help me.
ijustneedtoletitout ijustneedtoletitout
31-35, F
Aug 19, 2014