This Is Working In My Life!

A dear girlfriend of mine gave me a set of three books when I went to visit her in May.  These books are about the power of attraction and how we can bring into our lives what we need and want for ourselves.  I started reading the first book a few weeks ago and my life is already changing for the good. 

It is slow reading for me as I keep going back to make sure that I understand what is being told in this book.  There is a reason that I have this information at this point in my life and it is very exciting.  I am in the process of making major life changes.  Want to do this in the way that is right for me and my continuing journey.  Aware of what my thoughts mean for my future.

All of my life I have wanted one thing for myself above all others. To be loved and cherished for me.  Not what I have materially but for the essence of what I am as a woman.  I have traveled down many wrong roads so far and this has ended.  Now I know exactly what road I am on and it is the right road for me.

We all have the power within ourselves to be happy.  We born into this life to be happy beings. It is our destiny to be happy beings.  Our creator or source usually referred by us as God, wants us to live our lives as a celebration for all the good we can have in it.  I now know this and it makes perfect sense.

This is what I now do to bring all the blessings of life to me.  I think on what I really want.  To love and be loved.  These thoughts make me happy. Fill me up with a glow.  I envision meeting that special someone. Sharing all of the positive emotions with him.  Laughter and love. Communicating on a level of respect.  

I think on sharing a life with him.  Coming back to our home filled with all of the positive emotions. Our sanctuary.  Filled with the sounds of laughter and music.  Sharing talks about our days and snuggling up with him at night, safe and warm and loved.  Knowing that my life is connected to his with respect and harmony. 

Since I started on this new journey putting out these positive thoughts, things are changing.  Even writing this to all of you brings about this change.  Thoughts are put into words and this has power.  Thoughts become a belief and belief brings about change. 

Feelings of fear put up a block between me and what I want.  I have had fears and now what I do is realize that my fears are a block to what I desire so I mentally say to myself to let them go.  Then my belief continues forward.  I trust in how I feel and when I let my fears go I feel happy.  

Think on when we all feel happy.  It is at that point that we are moving forward to our true destiny in life.  Today is difficult for my love.  We are for the moment out of touch because of various reasons. I could wallow in my misery but I will not do this. I choose to have thoughts  that bring happiness into my life.  In this way I am moving forward.  Thinking on the time that we meet and start our life together.

I am going to give an example that helped me a lot. Imagine that you are a parent.  You have two children. You love them and give them wonderful gifts to bring happiness into their lives.  One child accepts your gifts with such love and gratitude.  The other child shows no gratitude at all. Wants more and more and you feel let down as this child refuses to accept the gifts properly. What child are you going to be inclined to give more gifts to?  Simple example but very thought provoking.

We are energy. The universe is composed of energy.  The source of all good for us is energy.  Call this source God as many of us do.  We are meant to be happy.  Not consumed by doubts and fears and anger.  Living joyful lives.  Moving ever forward.  Having gratitude for what we have and being given more through our gratitude. 

As I was writing this I heard from my soul mate.  My beloved who wanted to know if I am alright? Concerned about my feelings.  My positive thoughts brought him to me right now and we will talk a little later on tonight.  I am smiling now as I feel the power of attraction working in our lives. Long before I ever met him I put the thoughts out there to bring a man like him into my life. I believed this even before I received these books. So I am living proof that this works.  

Your thoughts will be different than mine possibly.  You might have a health issue. A financial issue. An issue of the heart and love. It does not matter what your issues are. This works for any problem or desire.  Put the positive thoughts out there and make them a belief for you.  You will start to feel things changing for you.  You will attract what your beliefs are. Trust in your feelings too. If you are happy, then you are on the right track. If you have negative emotions then you are putting up a block between you and what is waiting for you. 

I hope that this story sheds some light on what I am learning about life now.  It is a wonderful awakening for me.  A continuation of my journey with little fear and much happiness. The power of attraction works. I am proof of this.


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I have the book and it is the same message. There seems to be a growing awareness of how what we think and believe brings good or bad into our lives. The power of the mind is an amazing thing! I do also believe that human beings once had this power and it was sort of lost for reasons that I do not know. So much wisdom was lost over the centuries due to the burning of books and loss of libraries full of knowledge. There was the burning of the great library at Alexandria about four thousand years ago I believe and recorded history was lost. Perhaps we are now catching up on this knowledge? Thank you for the comment. D.

any time dartist :). I've heard about this in a documentary called "The Secret". You should check it out if you haven't already!

Arielloveslife, I believe that this is a common thread of any spiritual belief. Perhaps it is why this seems familiar? I read a lot and take time to think on what I have learned from people and books. Try to practice meditation and positive thinking and say what I want in my life and put it out into the universe expecting my words and thoughts to be answered. Thank you for the comment. Peace,D.

very deep words :) why do I have the feeling I've heard them before....

Yes, I agree with all you have said. If we are clear about our intentions and desires then this travels before us and identifies us as our true selves.<br />
I think the outcome of our lives has a lot to do with expectation. Some of us do not expect very much and therefore do not get much and some of us expect fulfillment and happiness and more often find both.