I'm Just Asking For a Job......

I have been using the Law Of Attraction for several years.  Coming from a very pessamistic backround, positive thinking can really be taxing for me.  I know that when I am grateful and think positive, I feel better and I can see good things in my life.

My struggle?  The past few weeks I have been asking for more work to come my way.  I state my want and I truly believe it will happen.  Well, the past week as brought me less work than ever.  I am trying not to get discouraged, but it can be trying.

Any  positive suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated.

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Ester says its because your focusing on the lack of it in your life. The quickest way is to focus on what is going well, what makes you happy. Im in the same boat so Im going to request the work from the Universe on my written list, write an appreciation list maybe a focus wheel and then! Take a day off from chasing work and have a fun day doing what I love. Its worked before, especially if I do physical stuff like cycling or having coffee with a friend. It does work, but I completely understand how you feel :-)

Trixiegirl, fear can often get in the way of manifestations. You're manifesting more work....are you concerned about lack of money in some way? We tend to put more energy behind the negatives, it's the way most of us are wired. If you're concerned about money, cancel the thought, thank the Universe for the abundance of money and include that feeling in your manifestation.<br />
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Another self limiting belief can be feelings of unworthiness. Deep down in the recesses of your soul, do you believe you are worthy of getting the extra work? Sometimes the feelings are there and buried so deep, we're not even aware of them.<br />
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Much luck on your journey.

I not much of a "positive thinker" BUT I will share something that did work for me....<br />
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I watched the "Secret" dvd and it reminded me of a "treasure map" I made about 20 years ago. I originally got the idea from a Shakti Gawain book called Creative Visualisation.<br />
<br />
You get a bunch of magazines from your local thrift store or goodwill, spend a lazy weekend cutting out pictures of ANYTHING that you like....places,food,furniture,clothes,music,books etc. also any colours you like<br />
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Then use a blank scrapbook (the type children use for projects) or get an old picture(painting) from goodwill and paint over it a nice colour.<br />
<br />
After that, use a glue stick(for book) or gluegun (for pictures) and make a collage of all the things you want to attract into your life.<br />
<br />
I did this and then forgot about it. Shortly I packed it away with all my gear and went on a working holiday. <br />
Several years later I unpacked it and browsed through it, only to discover practically everything on my treasure map had been accomplished ! including having a baby.

Good point Joy.

I'm more or less in the same boat as you and still awaiting results. I've made a specific list all my requirements in a job ranging from enviroment, salary to colleagues. I'm hoping the universe reads this list and it will work alongside my positive thinking and visualisation.<br />
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Hope the work has rolled in since you posted your story.<br />
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Best wishes :)

Just 2 thoughts trixie. First I recently read that studies have been don about the results of positive thinking. The results indicated that positive thinking works well for people who are basically in a good place. For those not doing quite so well it was suggested they temper positive thinking with reality such as, "I'm drawing new friends to me more and more every day" to "Although I'm a little shy I can smile and be friendly to new people. I can make friends more and more." I don't know if this is helpful in your job search. I hope so.<br />
Also, for me, I try to mix positive thinking with some action that will help me. If I do it it works but I don't always do it.<br />
I hope you get a wonderful job and quickly.

I try to practice it everyday, but in my real life, there are not so many positive people ..:-( So being positive is somehow different ! If I am very very influential person, I can be a star, but I don't have such talent so that I feel somehow lonely in my "society". But here in EP, I can meet many positive / mature people !

Just keep attracting what you want and don't let one negative thought get in the way. I too am using the power of attraction, and it truly does work when you focus on it. Have you read the book " The Secret"? I have twice, and re-read 20 pages a day, to keep my energy of attraction strong. It really does make a difference. Sure beats the pessamistic family I grew up in. Just keep up the good thought process every day, and you will have what you want.

things do work out. I have had to learn that it is always on the Lord's timing, though, not mine. If you continue to be positive, and do all you can do... while not getting discouraged continue to put it all in Heavenly Father's hands, it will work out. ( 1 Peter 5:7)<br />
God bless you, and thanks for setting a good example of faith!

Thank you CJ for your support.<br />
Mimi- I have tried , but I really can't pinpoint any negative thoughts lurking. I was soooo sure last Sunday, that I my desire, and want was pure. I even got the grin I find myself wearing afterwards. (sounds dopey I know, it just happens.) I have been staying positive as I can be, but it's getting tough...

have you thought about what you might be subconciously thinking that would block it?

Just keeping a positive outlook will have great rewards...