Shower Time

You are in the shower and I let myself in the bathroom. I undress and pull the curtain aside. You look at me but do not say a word. I take the soap from know what I want to do, I have wanted to wash you for some time. I decide to start behind you and work my way to the front.

Your hair is short cropped and I use some shampoo and slowly run my nails thru it. I lightly massage your scalp, cleaning and scrubbing. Raking my nails on your head. I run my hands down your neck, lathering my hands again so they glide along your body silky and soft. My hands glide along your shoulders, rubbing the soap in. Your shoulders are wide and strong and I lightly knead them. I want to run my tongue along your body after my hands, but it is wash time later.

More lather and I wash your back, I am using my bare hands so I can feel that skin, so smooth and unblemished. I lay my head on your back, and lean my body against you. I wrap my arms around you to hug you. I need these quiet moments together sometimes. No words, just feel and be together. A quiet bonding of sorts.

I resume washing you and your round firm *** is next. More soap and I happily run my hands around your ***, in between the cracks and I thoroughly wash between the crack, lingering suggestively. I reach around and find your **** standing tall and proud. I lightly wash, but he is being saved for last. I have plans for my boy and intend to tease you on my way to him.

Your arms are now braced on the shower wall as you realize I am taking my time and not hurrying. You finally speak, reminding me we will use all the hot water at this rate:)

I wash your thighs, thick and strong. You are a solid man and touching you is a pleasure in itself. I am wet and throbbing now, but I am not done with you. I wash your knees and the rest of your legs, tap your one foot for you to lift up for me. I wash your foot, in between each toe. You aren't ticklish there, I am disappointed. I do the same with you other leg and then turn you around.

I wash your arms next, lingering on your thick biceps. I cannot resist a run my lips on your arms, kissing and licking. The strength in those arms turns me on, I love to feel and kiss them. I kiss and lick your chest, nibbling on your nipples before I wash them. You are getting impatient now..pushing up against me. I laugh and push you back..this is my time and I intend to savor and enjoy.

I lather and wash your chest and underarms. I love the contours and silky feeling of you under my hands. I could do this all day. I lean down and kiss your belly, dip my tongue in your button before I wash. I want to taste you, not soap. I finish washing your stomach and slide to my knees.

I lather up and gently reach between your legs, washing your balls , between your balls and thighs and work my way to your ****. He is twitching , impatient and ready for me. I slowly stroke soap over him, up and down..need to make sure he is clean now. More soap and same routine..stroking and pulling. He is leaking now..I rinse him off and sip your precum. Just licking and sucking your head. Making sure I have gotten all the precum as I turn the shower off. 

I kiss your belly and down through your pubic hair..running my face and nose through it. I do not want you to shave there, I love running my fingers through it. You grab my hair and shove your **** in my mouth. And you have had enough and take over. I love when you do this and will be a good girl now. No teasing. Your will is my will, I am happy to please you. 

I reach down and cradle your balls in my palm, rubbing them and running my fingertips over them. Your hips are thrusting back and forth, making me take more of you each time. I suck you, as you push in and out. Your balls are tightening up, so I suck harder..wondering if I am sucking too hard. You grunt and push in and stay there..straining..your buttocks and thighs are tense and locked in place. I keep sucking hard and I feel the first pulses of your **** spurting your *** ...I swallow as fast as I can, I love swallowing your ***. Pulse after pulse and finally you are done with a long groan. Your thighs and buttocks start to relax . 

I lick and clean you with my mouth, get up and out of the shower, grab a towel and dry you off. I lean in and kiss you, stroke your face. This was all for you. I enjoyed giving and taking care of you. I needed to show you how I feel, without words. I think I succeeded quite nicely.

I dry myself off and realize that you are stirring again. I smile to myself and think, this will be one long sensuous afternoon. I lean back and rub myself against you....

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I am a fan! I see

and I will do all thses to you in reply one day! my wish!

Totally hot stuff here!!