Hold On

I am in the mood for sex and it has been a while since we have had it. I am hungry and very very turned on right now. I know, baby, you do not like to give up control. But I want to play tonight so I want your agreement you will grab the headboard and not let go until I am done playing.

You agree to let me play as long as you can stand it. "Undress for me" I say and "lay back on the bed and grab onto the headboard". You comply and I see your **** is already at attention. "Turned on a little are you sweetie"?!

I slowly undress, peeling my clothes off piece by piece, teasing you. You watch and seem to enjoy the show. I crawl on the bed and straddle your stomach. Your lips need attention and I kiss you. I suck you bottom lip in my mouth and lightly bite it. Tilt my head and feed you my tongue..Our tongues duel, entwine and parry..I suck your tongue into my mouth and nurse for awhile. 

I Kiss down that firm jaw, biting at your whiskers. My nose nuzzles your neck and I turn your head sideways, I want to love your neck for a bit. Leave my mark for all to see. I lick around your ear and stab my tongue inside. Kissing right below your ear on your neck seem to make you harder. 

I trail my tongue down to your nipples, your hips are starting to squirm..someone is getting impatient..and I am not even close to that **** yet. I latch onto a nipple and reach down to stroke your balls, your hands are flexing on the headboard now but they stay there. You do have great will power. Lets see if I can break it. I have before and was taken like you were a man possessed. 

You are leaking precum like mad, I rub some on my hand to stroke that ****..slowly with firm pressure while I lick and bite your chest. Strawbery colored nipples, hard and pointed from my tongue flicking on them and sucking on them. 

Kissing my way down your stomach, I dip into your belly button. I am getting closer to my treat and my mouth is starting to water. I run my fingers thru your thick pubic hair, I love to play with that and never want it shaved. I turn around so my *** is pointed at you..remember, do not let go of the headboard. I love tormenting you.

I run my tongue down your shaft, over your balls, the ridge behind them and to your back door. I love to tickle your hole and it always makes you burn hotter. Your hips are thrusting up now as you bend your knees to give me better access. I tickle and tease and push my tongue in your hole. You are breathing  deeply..trying to maintain control. I bite a cheek, and sooth with a kiss. I thrust my tongue in your hole again and lick and suck my way back to your shaft.

I straddle your chest now, you have a very good view of my *****. I lean back just enough so you can get a lick, and then pull away. I look back at you and smile..this is fun and lean down to lick up your precum. I trace it from your belly to your ****, then I suck just the crown in to lick the remaining spillage. You start to grunt and groan, so I suck a little harder and more of your shaft in...moving my mouth up and down.

I lean back a little and allow you to get another lick and you tell me to let you eat my *****. For a little bit...but you distract me too much and I want to drive you mad! I pull away and lean down to suck one ball in my mouth, then the other. Then stroke my mouth back up your **** and put it back in my mouth again. I suck and groan for a few minutes..I can feel it swelling more now and I turn my body around.

I put my kitty on top of your shaft and rub up and down. Placing the head at my entrance, teasing and pulling away. I slowly slide myself onto your shaft, refusing to impale it all the way. I pull up when your hips buck and you lose control. Off come those hands from the headboard and into the air I go. You slam my hips straight down onto your ****, pushing up and grinding. 

Playtime is over and this burning need is going to be sated. We are frenzied and urgent now, desperate for our release. I pump up and down, grinding my hips into you. Your hands are holding onto my butt helping to keep me moving on your **** while your hips are kicking up. I sit straight up, grinding down onto to you, moaning. You grab my hips and start pulling me up and down..frantically until we both explode. I feel my ***** muscles clenching, trying to suck you in further. You groan and finally find your release.

We lay there with me on top of you and I tilt my face up for a kiss. You stroke my hair and I hear your heartbeat..it is still beating fast with mine. I smell the mingled scents of our bodies as we rest and I pull off of you and lean down to clean your **** with my mouth. I then clean myself with a towel and crawl back into your arms and pull the covers up over us. 

After a rest I think I am going to want to play again. I like having your *** drip out of me but I like it better when you are in me...and it is your turn to play...

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May I ask when was the last time you had sex?, great read, but better in person. Have a nice day moon.

LOL...been a couple of days!

WOW! What a fantastically well-written story! You sure got my pulse going!

Thanks...happy you enjoyed:)

Wow exquisite , so well executed , as they say if you arent living on the edge you are taking up space and kept him on the edge you did cheers

Mmmm so well written that was excellent. Great sensuality. ;)

Thank you:)

I love a woman who takes turns! ;-)

Great writing MDL!!! Thoroughly enjoyed that scenario...

Thanks Ammy:) Glad you enjoyed...I loved writing it.

You are a great writer, among other things.... ;-)

What a wonderful compliment.

Glad you caught my intention...

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Sounds so good right now

It sure does...

This is exactly what I need this weekend. And you verbalized is so nicely. And I too believe in the magic that happens when lovers have sex. Its there.

It can be:)

This was totally smokin for an early morning read!! ;)

I have been cooped up wayyyy too long in this cold weather:)
My mind is very bysy! Lol

That's one ROCKIN way to be busy tho!! ;)