Thursday Night

I was in my teens, still in highschool at my best friend's house along with his two brothers. For some reason, my friend had a ouija board and of course we had all heard of the stuff that a person could experience with one.

My friend, being the lead expert in paranormal at that time said we were going to record the session on a cassette tape to listen to after everything was done. So we started messing with this thing, the little pointer moved around as we asked various questions. Well after the session we listened to the tape and OMG we got freaked.

The setting of the session was in the living room, no TV, radio or anything. The street he lived on was basically in the middle of town and several hundred feet from the road. The house was very quiet with all the doors and windows closed.

On the tape we heard a helicopter sound, a big rig sounding like it was in really low gear, and various voices that were not ours. These voices would usually occur after we asked a question or something.

Needless to say we were freaked beyond our wits. Do I believe in the power of ouija boards? You bet your butt I do. I will not touch or even let one in my house.

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3 Responses Jul 25, 2010

Fit2betied, that's scary, to keep a ouija board in your house..

Yeah...that's definitely freaky alright. Still...I'm surprised that so few people are aware of the spiritual realm..Thanks for sharing your story.

Thats pretty freaky! I have done the same thing as a teen, but I never knew the danger till I was in my late 30's. I have read and followed many storyies and though I want to "test" the things I've read I am to afraid and thats not the mind set to be in when your working with a Ouija board.<br />
I have one in my laundry room high on a shelve and no one is aloud to play with it. I am hopping to find the correct way to destroy it with out harming any one.<br />
If anyone knows how to destroy them please let me know.