I Have Seen Something

this happened about 22 years ago. i was asleep but woke because i was so so cold  i sat up in bed and saw a figure of a boy age about 7 or 8 dressed in Victorian clothes ,i tried to get out of bed but i couldn't move .he stood in the doorway for what seemed ages but could only have been seconds ,he smiled at me and disappeared .after which i went back to sleep.i asked around and apparently before the house was built there was old houses there and  there had been a fire at some stage in which two family's died .but  before that a family that had lived there had had a son that had been killed in the house .
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no, people dont understand,and they are not aware of the things around us,if only we could slow down and take time out,we are all wraped up in our own littel world,theres more around us than we can see

thank you ,this is the first time i have spoken about this kind of thing because most people would think i was mad if i told them .

so many times have iread of sensative people like yourself experencing these things,thanks for shareing