Ghosts Really Do Exist!

Without wishing to sound arrogant i will have to say that i know spirits or ghosts really do exist, my family and i have experienced this, incuding family friends. I have to respect people who have not had this experience who say they dont exist but they say it with such confidence and assurence like if they know, and thats what annoys me! People say that we may be hearing things or we mistake things like noises to be paranormal when they could be perfectly natural, i would love those type of people to come to the place where i lived when i was a boy and experience what we did, they would come up with a different story, only an ardent sceptic would still stubbornly refuse to accept it as paranormal. Some people say that ghosts are the souls of departed loved ones who try to cme back to comunicate with their family. I believe its more dangerous than that, at the risk of offending anyone i would have to say that there is a negative influence and that they are in fact, demonic spirits trying to decieve people into thinking that there is a spirit world and that is why people should be very wary of ouija boards and mediums. Some mediums are fake,and those who are sincere are being used by spirits.
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1 Response Dec 18, 2011

What kind of experiences with those entities did you have ? What did it look like ? And thanks for the warning !