I Wonder If Someone Looks Out For Me?

I have always wondered and i use to really Believe! But I just don't know anymore. I just have really felt alone in the past years.I have really felt nothing. I have had vivid dreams about 1 or 2 people that have passed,and when I was younger alot of things happened to me. I have had my cards read many times and prayed for someone or god to please bless me. but i have seen no signs, If someone could help restore my faith it might be a start.

kwinith kwinith
5 Responses Apr 12, 2008

there's someone always looking out for you that are from the other side.<br />
God tests our faith everyday so keep praying. In life our purpose is doing what makes God proud , not to make ourselves happy. so do what He wants you to do, trust in God, believe that He can do everything for you in your life. if you do this, i believe your prayers will be answered.

Of coarse You have to have faith in yourself first... put your trust not only in yourself.. but of the universe.. God surrounds you every day... he is there alway's and he gives you signs every second , every moment... but do we see , hear , feel, or even try to understand them? I believe your lack of faith is because you may believe that all the work has to be done on god's side ... we have to be creatively involved or otherwise , how do we feel whole. as one with the universe... there are many things that if you look around will give you symbolic signs, messages... give gratitude for what is within you. and you'll start to understand. Look at the sun that shines down on you, feel the warm balmy breeze that makes you warm from the inside out, look at the stars that guide your path at night... there are many signs that god and his helpers are just waiting for you to say... Help me, I need you... and than get ready, for it will come. God bless you and I hope you find the path that you need.

kwinith..where are you..il check back tonight late.wish there was a live chat we could go to..we need to talk...53bear

Life brings us crazy messed up things. I have looked up to navigate through some very tough times. Although that does not mean the outcome will always be what we expect, I still know something is there. To believe is to have faith, faith that good will happen. In one way or another. I have always thought that way, and personally it gets me through very hard times. So chin up! I am here to talk more if you need to!

from 53 bear type away im listening