Looking Into the Eyes of Beyond

this experience,was one of my first events that launched me on a new self awareness.years ago,in the small Midwest town of Delavan,there was a psychic lady named greta.Greta had made the local news channels as helping people find lost things.she had written articles for the newspaper,as well as made appearances at colleges,on this subject.lately when this event was going on,she had been helping police departments find homicide victims,and solving murders.in the late 70s,i knew a few people from college,from this town of Delavan.one night ed told me he wanted to pick up another friend of his to come to the party we were going to have at his house.the friend happened to be Greta's own daughter.this meant going to her 3 story house at night,and picking the girl up.as ed and i approached the house,i felt as if my throat was on a battlefield,parched dry.so,we went in the house,and the door was already open,but no one was there to open it.we went in the foyer of this big old house and were standing directly in front of Greta.now Greta was a very large woman,and needed a large chair.it looked to me as if she was sitting in a thrown,as this chair was located smack dab in a pentagram carpet design,with 4 chairs,facing in front.we introduced ourselves,chatted a bit,and suddenly,while waiting for the daughter i excused myself to walk into another room.i told her my back was bothering me,but really,i had to find the kitchen sink and get me a glass of water,as i felt as if i hadn't drank anything in a month.this was a very large house,so i finally found the kitchen.i needed a glass,but there had to have been 50 doors.all of a sudden Greta yells out,2nd cabinet on your right,3rd shelf.well i did as she said,was drinking the water,and then it hit me.how did she know what i was doing or wanted.i returned,and sat down to chat with her.she laughed and told me usually i get paid for some of the questions you ask,but when i did ask her on a date in the future,directed towards herself,she told me,she would not be there when that date approached.she told me she would be dead two days before the date i referred to.years went by,but i was always touched by that experience.then when the date fast approached to the country's birthdate of 7-4-1976,celebrating 200 years,i picked up a newspaper to save,as the date seemed like something i would save.i put the paper up.10 years later,7-4-1986,i got the paper out to look at the old stories.i came across the obituary page,and on it was a picture of Greta.evidently she died,7-2-1076.her prediction to me years earlier had came true.thats when i started to believe and see things myself,a little clearer.

53bear 53bear
51-55, M
Apr 12, 2008