There Is Something In My House...

     I have encountered things on and off my entire life, and have always believed in the paranormal.. When i was younger the house that my sister and I grew up in had a story and a spirit to go along with it.. The story of Frank is not a story that i care to talk about. After my family and i put all of our strange experiences together and did some research, we found his story and how he was associated with the house and after that we were OK with what was going on..
     The reason that i am writing here now is because i find myself in need of a little advice about what is going on at the moment. 
  A little over a year ago i started renting a home with my boyfriend and our two kids. This was the first place that we had actually together just our little family and no one else. The house was great at first it was plenty big enough and the kids seemed to settle down nicely and they just loved it there. i personally had my first encounter after we had been there about a month. i was in the bathroom getting ready for work. I was putting my makeup on in the mirror and i heard the shower curtain moving. The shower was directly behind me so i whipped my entire body around facing it and i saw nothing. opened the curtain and nothing was there. No big deal right.. Well i finished getting ready closed the door behind me and went on.. For the next two months it was just little things like that all through the house. My boyfriend and I had both heard small things and thought we saw something out of the corner of our eyes the typical little things that could be considered paranoia. Our look on it was as long as nothing is bothering the kids ans they are still happy and no one is being hurt then there's nothing to worry about...
    i think our first mistake was saying that out loud. A couple weeks after that i kept finding my daughter which was 2 almost 3 at the time in the back of my closet talking and giggling to herself.. i asked the usual questions who are you talking to, what are you playing, why are you in the closet, and so on.. She would just giggle and go on playing. This went on for about 2 weeks then one afternoon while i was cooking dinner she asked if her friend could have dinner with us. And of course i said sure baby. Started asking her questions about "her friend". she said that he didn't have a name but she called him scary boy and that he kept the mean girl away. that freaked me out a little.  
 After he started eating dinner with us almost every night with his own place at the table things in the house started to get worse. Doors would open and slam shut along with the drawers and cabinets, the TVs in all the rooms would turn on and off and change channels and the volume would change as well. The kids stopped sleeping all night and would wake up screaming. My son which was getting ready to turn 1 went from sleeping by himself since he came home from the hospital to throwing fits till he was placed in the bed with us. We all ended up sleeping in the same room including scary boy who had to have his own pillow and blanket.
we started hearing a female whisper in the house at first, they went to actual voices that would sometimes sound and feel like they were in the same room as you were. We could never understand what she was saying it didn't sound like English at all and was really raspy sounding. Our very last day in the house was the most scared i had ever been in my entire life. i was in the laundry room / toy room doing laundry while the kids were playing and watching Dora on the little TV we had set up in there for them. I heard the buzzer on the dryer go off and had started taking the clothes out of the dryer and into the basket when all of a sudden there was the loudest female scream that i had ever heard. It was so loud that my ears were ringing at the same time and it literally felt like my head was going to explode. I ran and grabbed the kids from the other side of the room and as i tried to run out the door and into the kitchen the door slammed hit us and knocked me to the ground with the kids in my hands.. i fought with the door for what felt like forever and the screaming was still going. The door finally opened and when we made it into the kitchen the screaming stopped.  i was still in a dead panic and was making my way through the house with the kids still in my arms grabbed my keys off the dining room table and straight on into the living room towards the front door. Just as soon as i got the the front door and started turning the handle my daughter yelled out for scary boy and that same horrifying female voice started laughing. i made it out if the house and into the car and just busted into tears. I made it to my mothers house called my boyfriend and told him everything and that no way in hell was i going to take my children back into that house ever again. We stayed with my mother till we found a new place. Our current place.. about a week after that happened my daughter had stopped mentioning the scary boy. 
  We had lived in that house for about 7 months, then that horrific afternoon i just couldn't do it anymore.. We have been in our new home for about 6 months and all of a sudden the day before yesterday my daughter is talking about scary boy being in her room and wanting to come out and have dinner with us again... 
i am so scared and worried and just about every other emotion that you can think of. i just don't know what to do.. i would love to hear what you all have to say about what is happening to my family. I have no where else to turn to. I'm scared for my family as well as myself. i don't know if i can go through that again..
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May 14, 2012