How Could You See Them And Not Believe?

  iI have a couple here goes....

   My husband and i bought our first home back in 03'. I never felt anything in most of the rooms,but for some reason my daughters room gave me the creaps,even weirder her closet freaked me out every time i opened it. I sereously thought i was going to open it and see someone hanging there dead. I never did,thank god,but i did have that feeling for years. A couple years go by and my husband and i are sleeping in bed when i wake from a deep sleep,look over towards my husbands side of the bed and i swear on my life there was a man standing there staring at him,i could see someone standing in front of our window and the outside light lit him enough that i staired strait at him for 2min! I even did the whol,close my eyes and shake my head thing,he was still there. He went away when i went to wake my husband up. I slept with the light on that night. When that happened i was scared,so i started leaving the light on above the stove in the kitchen,it was just enough light that i wast too scared to shut my eyes. Two nights later i wake up to ME being stared at,but this time it was on my side and it was a child,4ft,i thought it was my daughter that was 5 at the time,so i said,what cha need?....i felt that it wasnt my child and for some reason i kicked at it,my leg went through it and it dissapeared. I woke my husband up balling my eyes out. I asked them to sty hidden,i said i didnt care that they were here,and they were welcome to sty,but i needed them to stay invisable. I honestly havent seen them since.

      My grandpa passed away when my youngest daughter was 5months old. When she was 2ish,i sent her to her room to take her nap and she came out and said she couldnt go to bed cuz someone was already in it. She couldnt speak clearly yet,but im like 90% sure she said gramp was in her bed,i only ever called my grandfather gramp. I asked her more about this and she said it was a big guy that was nice,she said he was her friend....:) i let it go and let her lay on the couch....months go by and every so often out of the blue she says somthing about her big nice friend...

      My second daughter never got to meet my grandmother,he knew i was pregnant,but passed whe n i was 4months along. When d #2 was 4ish we were looking through pictures and i held up one of my gma and said hey,do you know who this lady is? She took the picture and said,yea thats grandma...i looked a her and said ohh yea how do you know that? She said its becouse shes seen her before. I dont know why i didnt ask for more details. Probably cuz i believed her :)
Jeepinmom Jeepinmom
May 15, 2012