Why I Know Spirits Are There

Like i have said many times before i was born with what some people call a gift.
I can scents when spirits are around me and others i cant see them but i know there movements.
And sometimes pick up on what they may be saying depending on how my energy levels doing.
What alot of people get wrong is that all demons are evil well i believe in the Greek belief that not all demons are evil.
I have alot of experiences with spirits but what i hate the most is when people say this " Tell them this or tell them that"
Truth is the dead's like me and you we understand we here and were smart well when your gone your the same just dead.
you don't get dumber in ways you get smarter you could say. People act like they don't understand anymore but remember they are humans and most are very intelligent just like us. Well you may be asking so how you know they are real.
Truth is with so many many rumors running around you cant say all you can say is i just know. not only by faith but things happen.

A small note: Yes i do readings no i don't ask for money.
Would i ever ask for money: Honestly way back i thought that it was wrong and because of the spirits i new it was.
But now i dont believe it is so yes for a job i wouldn't mind it finding missing people would be fun and helpful for famileys.
Though i only want money to make a living but i wouldn't ask for money if they couldn't pay.
Anyone want a reading free readings feel free to mail me but be warned its very rare i do them scents i get lazy like any other person.
i am human you know ;p
Stormwind2 Stormwind2
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 10, 2012

I would love a reading. I know you are probably busy, but if you find the time, could you let me know, I feel your blessed to have that gift.

Soon but not today infact i need to go into old messiges and give some people some readings that i have been holding back on for a long time now. So maybe not tomarow but the day after.

Ok thank you, that sounds great. And thank you for getting back to me to let me know.