A Dream Of My Friends Deceased Step Mum

[Not necessarily a 'ghost' story, but I think it was a spirit and I need some opinions :) ]

A few years ago my best friends step mother committed suicide, her step mother and I were not very close but we had a relationship. However, my best friend and I were attached at the hip, anything she went through I was right by her side...A few months ago I had a very vivid, chilling dream.

Dream: I was at my best friends house [looked different in many ways, of course] anyway, everyone was there, both of our families, all our friends&acquaintances and some people that I did not know but instinctively knew that they were connected to my friend or her family somehow. I went downstairs on my own, into a very long dark beautiful basement facing another set of stairs all the way at the end of the corridor, which looked like it was about 50 feet to the other side...when this white figure appeared on the stairs.

At first it made me extremely uncomfortable, I couldn't figure out who it was..or what it was. Suddenly she became very clear as I began to walk toward her...it was my best friends step mum. At first I couldn't understand why she was there and I was scared, and then she began to speak to me. Once she began speaking we suddenly appeared to be in a different room, a warm and cozy room, that seemed to give off a yellow glow, everything was cream colored. We were lying down on a very comfortable bed, as she told me that she needed me to tell her family how sorry she was, she didn't mean to do it and that she loved them all very much...it went on for a while. Until she told me she had to go and that it was so important that I tell them what she had told me.

I woke up with all sorts of feelings, I swear I could still feel her with me, and I was frightened but comforted at the same time. I was on such a weird wave of feelings and emotions, I couldn't pin point exactly what the feeling was. Except for the fact that I was convinced that her spirit had come to me in my dream to deliver a very important message and I had a desperate need to share it with my friend and her family...It felt so real and I remember everything like it really happened....

I did tell my best friend what had happened and she believes too, that her step mum came to me in my dream to deliver a message...Any comments on this? Am I crazy to think that she needed my dream so that she could tell her family something? Has anyone else ever experienced a dream like this?

Thanks for reading, really appreciate it :) I'm new here not really sure how it all works!

WillowWee WillowWee
22-25, F
Jul 9, 2012