The Shadow People.

Have you heard about The Shadow People?If not,let me explain you.They are told to be human shaped shadows.For example,havent you had the feeling that someone behind you is staring at you?Havent you wake up at night,with the feeling someones breathing next to you?You look at your bed,and there he is,a man shaped black figure,you cant see his face but its clearly a person.Ive had the experience,several times.I have seen it.No one believes me but i can clearly hear someone.whispering my name.The shadow peole are claimed to be ghosts,demons,guardian angels or people visiting us from a parallel universe.What do you think?Have you ever had this experience?
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These thugs are watchers they do not need to be ridded of. If you ask them to go they will... They are to protect not to harm....

Hello- I have seen one..(black shadow figure). I have my story here " in My Dream State".. You can read it if you'd like..I have had similar experiences..but never really felt threatened or fear. I found out my father too had seen it several times which gave me confirmation. I am a very opened minded person. I don't use drugs, I don't take medication..I have a family with 3 kids...Many people are skeptics, but how can we really believe that in this huge universe that nothing more exists. There is so much out there that we don't understand.. Take care and good luck with your shadow.If you want it to leave..have someone read the bible in your home and ask it to leave...It worked for us.

i really like your comment,thanks for sharing.I belive they are guardian angels too,my mom also believe that so im not scared i just really enjoy these paranormal stuff.

I have experienced numerous shadow people. When I moved into my home, there were several who would spy on me. I found it creepy and got rid of them. I don't see them anymore but I cleanse my house quite often now.

how did you get rid of them? :O

Performed a cleansing by burning herbs of protection and in my mind's eye I filled my home with white light. I told them to leave and cast them out. I do a combination of rituals. It's your space, take control of it.

I have but My shadow people are formles. Some good some bad.