My Experence With The Paranormal!

For 10 years i lived in the same house, i heard noises in the attic and footsteps on the stairs. One day i felt something push me in the kitchen, it left a bruise on me and i was in the house on my own because my mum worked til 10 at night. I ignored it, made excuses for it, the more i ignored it the worse it got...

Eventually it got the point where i was scared to sleep or even be in the house on my own, on many occasions whatever was in my house like to push and hurt me, sometimes i would hear light growling and sometimes i would hear a voice in my head. I was so scared that i decided that i should tell my mum...she thought i was crazy and off i went to the therapist -_- that didn't help at all!

Before i moved in with my bf a few months ago me, my dad, step mum, brother and little brothers and sister moved into a new house, nothing happened the first two nights but on the third night i didn't sleep. I heard foot steps from the bathroom that walked towards my bedroom door and stood there for hours i went to see if someone was there and everyone was asleep! at about 3am i heard my little sister who is 2 talk to something, she told whatever it was to leave her alone and to "get down" i was terrified, so i told my dad and he told me that it was nothing!

So now i come stay at my dads twice a week, he now insists to have the hallway light on, which confused me because he hates it being on! I think he heard the ghost and i think he's scared of it...

But where i live now with my bf there is something called a mimic, this is a ghost that takes the voices of others to trick you into thinking someone has called you! It sort of scares me but i know that my Nan and Dog are looking after me, protecting me from the ghosties and that makes me feel a bit safer and more comfortable with the whole idea of ghosts, so yeah that what i've been though with ghosts and other things. I didn't believe in ghosts until i was haunted myself and i hope that some day we can all believe that there is something else out there, something good and something evil! we can't make people believe until they witness it themselves so just give it time and eventually they will believe!
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I have a mimic here too. in a house from 1873 you get a lot of interesting experiences.