In My Dream State

(Nap early morning..10:00am-12:00pm) I saw a tan skinned man(looked Hispanic,but could be Indian)who was guiding me in my dream to see and feel comfortable among spirits. Maybe my spirit guide? In my dream- we were walking outside of a house and the street/neighborhood was filled with many different spirits older couple,children,teens,men,women. Some looked normal, one lady had white eyes,then there was one that had a skeleton face. I then walked into a house and straight to a bedroom..where I saw two teen girls. I could only vividly remember one though..She was a young teen white girl with blonde hair and dark circles around her eyes. She was sitting on the bed along with the other girl and asked me "why she wasn't with her family and why she was in a strange house". I replied " you must of died here. I don't know why i said this,but I told her she had overdosed in this house". The idea of a drug taken or given by injection came to mind. Then she and the other girl got up and walked out..Like if she was waiting for the answer to move on.
Next I am with husband(who is presently living) and we are in a house by a window..where I hear a little boy constantly screaming that his head hurts after each thump noise..I try to see thru the window who was hurting him,but couldn't see a face. I asked my husband if he can hear anything and as he kept trying too he couldn't. I got a picture in my mind that this scream was coming from a little black boy. Then as I walked out of the house I saw a playground and in it playing was a little black girl and little black boy with a huge smile and a white fabric bandaging his head.
This is all I remember before waking up today...I have seen real spirits or better said a spirit in my present home..It was a black shadow figure that I saw from the corner of my passed thru my hallway as if running my surprise and confirmation my father too had seen the sane vision in the same hallway (turns out a previous home owner had died while jogging..heart attach..Yes, I did research). This was just the start...I would constantly feel as I was washing dishes a sense that someone was standing behind me-so much that I would turn around to look. My husband would hear noises in the kitchen when he was alone in the house( he wasn't a believer..until now). We would hear our child's toys go off in the middle of the night. Once we had our front door open set our alarm was about 3:00am..that was unpleasant. Another time we had a huge wall clock hinged to the wall for years..then ironically my husband and I were discussing wether or not we still had a spirit in our home and our clock smashed onto the floor. I've always been interested in the Paranormal..I feel there is so much more out there that we don't understand (or fear,deny or care to learn about). So going back to my dream..(they say that spirits can communicate thru dreams)..I've been reading a lot about the Third-Eye and how it can open a portal to the spiritual world besides opening a person psychic abilities..wondering if it would be a good idea..
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Getting involved with meditation will help you hone your abilities, it sounds like you will be able to do so easily . Have faith in what your intuition shows you. Your husband provides verification that what you sense is true.

very interesting....I have dreams sort of like these vivid!