I Have Been Having Weird Dreams...

One of the weird dreams are were it was the day of my 13th birthday and the sky was orange. Since were I come from there are alot of tornatos, it was very windy.
I went back inside and I asked my mother where one of my friends had went and she answered, "She went home." Then the house felt like it was being picked up by its side and my mother and I were tipping. So I struggled over to a window only to see that the house was completely flat on the ground.
So I walked outside and I was walking down the road with everybody following me and I looked up in a tree and i saw a woman wearing a night gown. I stopped and so did everybody else. Then as she looked upi she came flying down towards me and then I woke up screaming.

My house also has alot of paranormal activity going on.

Would it be safe to bring a wiji board in?
What does this dream mean?

22idontknow22 22idontknow22
13-15, F
Dec 2, 2012