Message From Beyond The Grave

This is a story from the days soon after the end of
World War II. I heard the personal words from both those
who were witnesses of this.

The son was in the US army during the last of the fighting
in Europe in 1945, and he was in the occupation forces
in Germany after the surrender.

His family missed him and remembered how when he was home, that when he went out with his friendsĀ and he would return home late
he would knock on the wall of the houseĀ so that his mother would know that it was just him and that he was OK.
Well, he got very sick in Germany and was sent to the hospital for US soldiers, where one day he died suddenly.

No word of this had reached home yet and it was late night time when
his mother was in bed and heard his familiar knocking. He was home safe.
But then she thought, how could he? He was in Europe! She got up to check for him and there was no one there. What does this mean? is what she thought. His sister was there and is a witness to all this even to this day. Within a day or so they got word from the army of his sudden death, and he had actually died the date of the wall knocking.

His final message.
anotheroad anotheroad
Dec 9, 2012