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The other night I was taking my dog out before bed and saw eyes reflected in the porch light at the edge of my yard. I live in the country and have deer in my yard daily so I thought it must be one at first. They appeared to be too high for a deer so I thought maybe it was a big buck. I wanted to scare it off before I went into the yard because male deer have been known to attack. It was very odd because I made eye contact with this "deer" and it didn't move or turn its head. Most deer will not make eye contact in my experience. In fact, it seemed to step forward but not close enough to reveal itself. I did not like this and decided perhaps it was a person because I held eye contact for several minutes.

I also found it odd that my pit bull was not anxious to go into the yard either. I put him inside and got the pistol. I returned to the porch and the eyes were still there. In fact, there was another set that appeared but much lower to the ground. It then occurred to me that may be a pack of coyotes. I stood and aimed the pistol right between the eyes. I decided I had no way of dressing out a deer, if indeed, that is what it was so I adjusted my aim to the right in hopes I would scare it off. I shot and heard two footsteps. If it was an animal, it surely would have run off. Within a minute, the eyes were back, staring right into my eyes. I knew something was awry. I had been staring at this thing for a good 7 or 8 minutes by now and had decided, I did not feel safe. I went back inside and told my son I needed him to take the dog out with me. We keep our dog on a chain when we take him out and I intended to let him hold the dog while I watched for an attacking animal with the pistol. While he was getting his shoes, I shot directly at whatever it was two more times. It would move its head and the eyes would briefly be out of sight but it would step back into position and continue staring.

Finally, my teenage son came onto the porch and looked. He started challenging it. He yelled for it to reveal itself as I cast it off the land in the name of Jesus Christ. He even walked to the edge of the yard. Suddenly, it stepped back and turned its head. He said he heard whispering and then poof it was gone but we heard no footsteps at all. (The dog did not want to take his normal walk but merely did his business at the edge of the drive and then back to the house). I have looked for the eyes again for two nights now and thank God they are no where to be seen. I went the next day in daylight and checked the area-no footprints, nothing in the woods that would cause a reflection, and the weeds and tall grass were undisturbed. Any ideas on what that could have been?
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Dec 29, 2012