Christmas Ghost

I rented a house with my family about 15 years ago.Since the first day we moved in there were strange occurences. My nick knacks would turn around on their own. We would here doors upstairs opening and closing, when no one was up there. My daughter was a year old at the time and she would stand up in here crib and babble at something in the corner. We took pictures that Christmas and didn't think anything of it.
Until, our film came back developed. In one picture there was a white smoke cloud over my daughter. No one was smoking in the house at the time. In another picture was a figure standing over my toddler daughter. In the second picture you could see body definition and shape. It looked like a female and looked to have her hands on my daughters shoulders. We tried to disprove the pictures because it was very hard to believe and still is to this day. Believe it or not.....

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Jan 16, 2013