My First Experience At Work

My first experience all started about 7 years ago when I was a teenager, about 17 years old. I lived, and currently still live, in a little town of Fairbanks, Alaska, one of the first American settlements in the great north. I was working at the "Pump House", a local restaurant that is a historical site; it was built in the 1890's as a pump station to send water upstream during the Gold Rush days. Needless to say now its a restaurant. Built upon the original building in the form of the restaurant.

One night, I was a dishwasher, I was done far later than usual. I was sitting in the bar having a drink with the night watchman (yeah yeah, don't judge) and we were talking, and I happened to look over for some reason towards the dining room, to which the bar was connected, and perpendicular to our sitting situation was the kitchen doors. As I looked over I saw a white figure, featureless as far as I could tell, coming out of the kitchen doors completely sideways. It just stared at me and I stared at it, I am not sure for how long, but for some time at least.

The night watch man finally said "Dom!" and I turned and looked at him, and apparently he knew something was up because he said "What did you see?" I looked back and it was gone. "You saw a ghost?" he said, all I could do was nod. We checked the entire pump house, all the doors were locked, no one else was inside except the two of us. The night watchman, told me of experiences he had, hearing voices, and even one he told me he got in a fight with a man late at night he thought was a burgler; they tossed and tumbled around the bar, until he pinned the man on the ground and he dissapeared under him. Now I don't know if his story was true, he was known to tell many a tall tales around the Pump House, but the way I looked and what he knew, it seemed like he knew exactly what was going on.

I never saw anything like that there again, but the place always gave that creepy feel, and ever since I stopped working there, I never went back again.
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Jan 17, 2013