I Just Realized And Believed That God Does Exist

I believe in the paranormal because I've experienced since I was a kid even now. When I was little, I often see strange but I don't understand what I'm seeing, at certain moments I've seen horrible creatures or look at myself, I see myself going through something of an accident. Maybe it's like a warning for me, to stop that I do that later would lead me into danger, but I ignore, then going as I see it, and at that time I felt like experiencing it twice.
I often invited to church by my mother since i was 4th, i learned there is God so i know there is a God in the world but i do not really believe. Since childhood i feel that i never alone, something is always watch me but i can not see it. The feeling very close, especially when i ' ve been were afraid, suppose when i be scolded my parents or even when beaten my parents because i made mistake. I have often beaten, not counting how many times beaten me since i was small, even until my age 22 (in 2003).
I started believing in God was when I was 14, it happened when my dad would hit using an iron bar to my body, then I cried in the hearts of God's calling and challenged God to show proof that he exists and came to me to help me. To prove to me that God is not personally present in fairy tales.
Then I experienced What will never forget in my life, I feel all of a sudden there's something dating feels very ... very ... Very large like a blast bomb blast in front of me, a feeling of being scared of change the feeling of calm and cool, scary atmosphere to revamp silence, then I felt the most beautiful thing, which I can't explain in words and then I like to hear ” I've come to you “. I remember that my dad wasn't so hit me, and when my dad already set up iron and get ready to hit my irons. Since that incident I started to believe that God exists, God is not a name in fairy tales but I still kept misbehaving.
It's one of my experiences and many experiences that I have ever experienced, there, fun, there's a creepy, scary, there is nothing to meet and get acquainted with some of the characters I've ever read and other experiences.
I am not a pastor or priest religion, here I am just an ordinary person who is willing to share my experience because of the witness of Love, Power, Miracles of God I have ever experienced, even up to this moment. I hope I still will remain on the experience to come.
Hopefully there will be the lesson for all those who read it.
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Thank u for ur comment FreakMisfitSultan...Here..I just wants to wrote My Experience, all of u may believe it or Not.

This person freakmisfitsultan sounds like he/ she id the negative person. It dosen't matter what country you are from or if your grammar is not perfect... I still understood you and makes sense to me. And if you had an experience that led you to believe in GOD then good for you...that id your experience and belief and Z i respect that.