Strange Lights On Xmas Eve....

Hey guys haven't gotten to explain my story until now....well on xmas eve I was making myself a bath when my 14 year old brother knocked on the bathroom door. I asked him what's up n he asked me if he could borrow my tablet. (I was still clothed mind u just had it playing music w my tablet lol) cuz I had google sky map on it.Iasked y n he said there's something orange in the sky. I laughed it off n said "dude its prolly just mars"...well it wasn't. I went outside with him and my sisters boyfriend...there was an orange light in the sky. I watched it, and it made no sound, hovered slowly into the sky and then disappeared. Then 2 more came..did the same thing and then blinked out. I ran inside, grabbed my camera, and took a video of 2 more that came out of no where. They did the same thing, then dissapeared...idk I've always believed in aliens, loved the xfiles as a kid and now as an adult, I can't explain what they are. No noise, hovering, and then dissapearing.
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they are taking count ;)
I believe you... had a similar experience when I was a kid... I always look at the sky now... never see anything like it since in 40 years.

thats so cool