So to start off I would like to say I'm a 3rd generation Sensitive. I've had a lot of experiences with the paranormal, some violent and others completely harmless. Recently I've started having these weirdly vivid nightmares. The worst one so far was one I had just a few nights ago, It started off with me just waking up in my room and for some reason I had a pregnancy test in my hand. It was positive but something felt really off immediately but I couldn't put my finger on it. As this dream progressed I was walking around the house but I couldn't find anyone else, I didn't think much about it and continued doing my everyday things like cooking and laundry. Every time I looked up quickly I would catch glimpses of this little girl in a long kind of grey looking dress but she kept vanishing before I get a good look. I had gone and laid down and every time I closed my eyes I'd hear this little voice asking me things like "can't you hear me mommy?" And giggles or sobs. I'd open my eyes and again just catch a glimpse, I finally said "I can hear you, what do you want?" And everything went quiet for a moment before it said something like "It's me, don't you know me?" And I asked what it wanted again and it said "well, you mommy" like it totally obvious. I closed my eyes again and I could feel it crawling onto the end of the bed and my eyes flew open and I got a good look finally and this girl was not in fact a child. Whatever it was had black eyes and this just awful grin and it grabbed my legs and snarled something about "don't worry mommy, it'll be over soon" and yanked me off the bed. That was when I woke up just freaking right out and gasping like I had stopped breathing mid-nightmare or something. It took me most of the night to fall back to sleep because I kept feeling like I was being watched and every time I closed my eyes it felt like something closing in. Has anyone else had an experience like this?
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Yes kind of like that but not that violent
I woke up but it was night I got up for some reason and walked in the hallway it was dark I walked back in my room and laid back down I heard a noise and looked to my right and I saw this girl but not normal. Black eyes open mouth and white long dirty dress them I woke up at 1AM not going back to sleep

I have, not as violent as that but quite like that yes

I mean I've been having nightmares my whole life but never like that one. It was really horrible all in all