A few years back i woke up in the middle of the night (i have no idea what time it was, because at the time i had no clock in my room). Anyways. I rolled over for some reason and was facing my desk. When i looked i saw a man in a suit and tie. Sitting at my desk facing me. He had one leg resting over the other. I don't remember any facial features and don't believe i even saw a face on him.
I stared at him for a few minutes before i fell back asleep.
He did not have a malicious feeling around him. And after looking through old photo albums i believe he was my great grandfather who died in a car accident 2 months before i was born.

During the time my family lived in our previous house we had twins. Shortly after they came home from the hospital they were up in their rooms sleeping. One of them (the male) was sleeping, and the girl was awake crying. Me my stepmother and my father were in the basement doing renovations. Listening threw the baby monitor.
Suddenly we heard a little girls voice say "dont cry little girl, dont cry" and than the crying stopped. We all ran up the two flights of stairs to see what was going on and found the room empty other than my twin siblings and both were now sleeping.

I have a few more stories that i love discussing because I'm fascinated by the paranormal. If anyone wants to chat and discuss experiences id love to. DM me.
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Could I share this story on my YouTube channel?

I am trying to put together a series of true scary/paranormal stories, and I think this would fit in great. I will give you full credit and put a link back to your story.

If you would prefer for this to remain anonymous I can do that as well. Or I can just not share it. But I just thought I would ask because this is quite the story.

I had a twin but he died sometime a hear someone talking to me could that be related

It likely could be. Theres lots of relations between twins in that situation. I believe it has something to do with the time spent developing together in the whomb.