Ever since my near death experience when i was 11, yes... i most certainly do. Was very traumatic for me, especially since no one believed that i saw someone standing by my hospital bed after i was revived. I saw a white light when i was under. Took a bit to move on, but i'm okay now. :)
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What happened to you that you almost died? Is it personal?

I expect you felt a great sense of peace and well-being when you saw that light. I dont' believe its just the brain because there are documented cases where people witnessed what was going on around them when they were unconcious. Maybe you should find out more about this light, who or what it is, and seek it out. Just a thought

You've experienced something that most never do and are alive to talk about it. For most of us this usually comes at the end of our life. We don't get to speak about our experience. Only you know what truely happened to yourself. Since it's out of the ordinary, many will believe you are confusing what actually happened to be paranormal. Don't dwell on it. They will never understand. You know the truth and that's all that matters.

Thank you for this. Had to shut up about it so no one would think I was crazy.