Last night I thought I was dreaming until a cold hand flew up my arm and I knew I wasn't dreaming. I looked up to wear I felt the hand leave me and saw... my grandparents!!! They've been dead for at least 10-15 years. I coulden't believe it I tlked to them through my mind and they had a lot to say. Especially my  grandpa who I never got to spend time with. I ask why haven't they gone to the other the side. They said they can't go until I let them mgo. "Oh, " I said in my head as I was going to sleep "I free you from your bonds grandma,grandpa" and fell asleep when nI woke up I felt the lingering kisses they left me on my cheek and their last words " don't forget to contact us on the other side."

scareddreamer scareddreamer
18-21, F
Feb 21, 2010