Can Make Not Only Us But Everyone Else Happy Too! :)

With smiling you send positive vibration to the other person. I often feel wonderful all day when I smile at someone and that person smiles back. Even if the other person don't smile back I still feel great because I smiled at someone who maybe didn't felt enough in good mood to smile me back. =)
I believe in the power of the smile because I often receive a smile back, from people I do know or do not know. I am a smiley face all the time because I know when I smile everyone will smile with me. =)

Often with my friends when we are driving to some place, we are smiling and waving to the people who are in other cars. We do this especially when we see someone too serious or someone who is 'flying with his toughs'. We study psychology and we had one subject that was called 'positive psychology'. Making someone's day to be better it was contained in this subject. =)

- We had one time one person who was too serious. He was like pissed. Than me and my friends send him sweet smiles. At first time he was confused. He looked with a lots of question marks in his eyes. But than we send him even more smiles showing him with our hands to smile and in the end he smiled back to us. We were so happy than. =) Don't know why but we were happy when we see that after all he was smiling. =) -

Also about hugs I have read that when someone is feeling stressed it's recommended to hug that person because you can calm him down with your heart. When stressed person feel your normal beating of the heart starts to follow your beating and starts to feel calmed.

Do this and.. congratulation because you've just helped someone to feel better. =)
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Smiling warms the soul and who doesn't need that?

heyyyyyyyyyyyy,,,,,,,,,,i like ur idea n' tht is realy rght.some times i gor fed up of my self cos even in serious moments i like smile............but ur rght every single thg tht occered in my face affect my life.n' i see in my life tht smile makes u happy inside ,,,,,,,,even u hate ur enviroment,or ur life......tnx zeo,,,,,,,,,,,4 ur reasonable n' fantastic idea

Oh bodryn that is so nice to hear/read =)

I find that my wife likes it when I not only smile but also joke around about silly things. She likes to laugh and I enjoy getting her to laugh. We also hug a lot.

yea, smiles heals alot

I find the comments so informative and helpful in life.<br />
Thanks to all those who are writing.

To dobra..<br />
I'm happy for you noticing this about your face ex<x>pression. But that not create only climate for people around you, it also create climate IN you so you can feel better =)<br />
If you drowning in sorrow you can't heal that with sorrow. You can start healing with smiles and good thoughts who will attract others and than you'll have more help about chasing the bad emotions. =)<br />
This is just my theory of being happy most of the time. =)<br />
<br />
Thank you all for the comments! =)

I like what you said about smiles. Here's still another spin on it. I believe that every person is responsible for his or her face. Things may be going well or not, but the face you show the world still is under your control. I remember, many years ago, walking down Eighth Avenue in New York City, not far from my office. Work was not going well for me, and I must have been walking around with a sour ex<x>pression. Then one of the ladies of the street (Eighth Avenue is not the best of neighborhoods) passed me and exclaimed, "Aaaagh, what a face!" I was embarrassed, but even more I was astonished. It never occurred to me that my ex<x>pression was radiating negative energy, and that other people were aware of it. Inwardly I thanked that uninhibited woman for broadcasting the truth. Ever since then I've tried to me more conscious of the face that I'm wearing. Even when I'm not having a good day, I try to be aware that the face I show creates a climate for people around me. It's just a simple thing, but it's good for me, and very good for them.

:) *hugs*

Nothing like a cup of coffee and an inspiring smile on the morning <br />
thanks dear ;)<br />