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A Smile Costs Nothing

Its true you know, a smile costs nothing for the giver or the recipient - and yet can brighten someone's day, is infections and contagious and brings joy to those you see...... that is of course that the smile is geniune - not to be mistake with a grimace or manic smiling - go on, give it a try and see how easy it is to make both yourself and someone else feel brighter.......

lostlittlefirefly lostlittlefirefly 36-40, F 3 Responses Oct 7, 2011

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Hey your soo true! You see so many people walking about with such a dull face, perhaps they could do with meeting you to make then smile my friend.

I couldn't agree with you more! I don't wish to make light of light of neil1234's pain, as he described in his comments on your story. I fully realize that all people cannot be trusted, even if we wished things to be different. Nobody is suggesting to go happily skipping through an area where there is imminent danger or a threat of personal injury or violence. To bring all this up really detracts from a really good and positive point conveyed in your story here. I think what you are referring to is our daily interactions in our own part of the world and immediate surroundings, which are (relatively) safe. I've heard innumerable people say that folks today are far more rude and lacking in manners than what they used to be, but where does change begin? It begins with ourselves, and it really does have more impact than even we realize. I truly appreciate the pleasant people that I encounter in my everyday life, and I truly appreciate you taking the time to point out a very simple pointer for all of us to follow--everyday! And that has made me smile.....

Thank you my friend... yes I agree with you whole heartedly, you have to start with yourself before you can ever start to effect the change in others, thats why a smile is easy - smile at someone and they tend to smile back, that makes you both feel good and you pass it on!! As always your support and your eloquence in your comment is wonderfully and wholeheartedly appreciated - take care my friend, xx

Hi lostlittlefirefly, can u really smile after having been beaten by gangsters. But that's how I feel the world is treating me. How can I smile?

Hi Neil, i'm so sorry to hear what happened to you - but yes, i believe you can, you have to, in order to heal, to find something, no matter how small that can touch you enough to make you smile - it could be the birds singing, catching something amusing on TV, a song on the radio - something that can bring that smile back to your face, and in time it gets easier to find that smile again.... becomes more natural to share it with others..... if you need a friend to talk to, i'm here.....i wish you well and hope, if not a full blown smile, a twitch at the corners of your mouth at reading this will be a start....take care, ;-)