Try a Smile

Isn't it true?  Smile at someone, and they'll smile back - even if they don't know you or they weren't expecting a flash of your teeth.  Smiling makes you feel better.  And other folk feel good for receiving a smile - try it!

Same with hugs - but you might like to know the person a bit first!
TrueLife TrueLife
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2 Responses Apr 23, 2007

I agree!!!!

How true ! I believe that the power of a hug and a smile trandscends anything. In this mecanical world , we need all the huggers we can get ! Hugs dont have to be a prelude to sex either, a genuine loving hug can be more spiritual, or is that just a woman thing, having been celibate for some time now ! ! I am sometimes too shy to smile in case its misconstrude, but I smiled a lot recently, which in turn got me my hug that I am now missing so much.