Me Too

I needed to give and receive a hug and a smile today and I was lucky enough to get and give both. :-)
alabastardragon alabastardragon
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5 Responses Jun 8, 2007

Same here dear. *hugs you now*

Anytime you need a hug just yell. I will send one your way.

Sex is highly overrated in My opinion and something I live without but a hug can and does mean so much.

A hug is a great thing. It's a deep-seated need, to have arms around you. A man collecting tickets once hugged me quite spontaneously once, for no obvious reason (well, maybe the **** and t-shirt), and it made me very happy. (It amused my dad, too.) I have a very handsome gay friend who is relaxed about embracing women, and being in his arms makes me crazy with happiness. It's not sex but something way deeper simpler.

Yay! I love hugs and smiling too! Hopefully, I'll get and receive a hug and smile tonight from my love! =D