I am a hugging person.. but no one I know likes to hug really... I don't smile as often as I should.. but understandably so. To get a smile, for me, is a highlight of the day. It shows me that there is hope in my social life, or just hope, at least. To get a hug... now that is truly a gift for me...
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Lol well thanks, navyvet! I appreciate it! *hugs back*

"('.')" O This is supposed to be a "Bear Hug" just for you! Poetic Rejection

myspip, thanks for the hug!<br />
<br />
TheCheese, I agree... a hug does say a thousand words and more...<br />
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sheeeeesh, at first I was glad to know someone else might feel the same way.. but I don't know if that is really a good thing.. :( But, thanks for sharing your comment!

I will hug anyone that is willing and looks like they need one. I am not the best with words, but for me a hug says a thousand words and more.

Naw, I love hugs, but sometimes I'm too shy to give one... *hug*