A smile. It's such a simple thing to do.  And it's something that can change someone's whole mood.  I quite enjoy smiling, I think it's contagious.  People like being around people who smile.  Well, most people do.  I used to work at a gas station, and I would such positive feedback from my customers, and their number one compliment was that I smiled all the time.  When my boss told me, I was like, doesn't everyone??  lol.  I have always been a smiley kind of person.  You can always tell when I am pissed off or upset, cause I am not smiling.  You never know what kind of day someone is having, and how a smile can just lift their spirits...  I think no matter what the person looks like, they look better when they smile.
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OK, I'll be honest, yes i want o admire the female form BUT it is always a nice smile, when there is one, that gets the most of my attention

I agree With your Stories... Coz' Smile's Worship For Moslem....


This is 100% true. I'm always smiling and people always take notice. It is rare that I'm ever in a bad mood. A smile goes a long way. Every store that I go into they know me by name because a smiling person is easy to talk to. You give off an energy that's contagious. I can't tell you how many mothers have asked me to take out their daughters just because of a smile and wearing my heart on my sleeve. It feels good to be know as just an all around great guy with an awesome smile. SMILE AND THE WORLD SMILES WITH YOU!!!

I smile allot to and like you said it makes some people happier but i also get lots of people coming up and asking what am i up too!! I just smile more and keep them wondering!

Yes it helps so much and comes in handy and it does not cost a dime