The Doll

I have had several dreams that were about other people that came true or told their story. One dream that I had when I was a child was of a doll. This doll was ugly. I described this doll to my mother and she began to cry. She said that I described her doll that she had when she was a child. She abused the doll in ways that her father abused her, which is why the doll was so ugly. Anyhow, in this dream, the doll was falling in the cracks of my floor. In the dream, even though the doll is ugly, I love it and want to save it. Eventually, I am devistated because I have to let it fall to save myself. Anyhow, now that I am grown I understand the dream. It is my mother and my relationship. My mother is the doll.

I also dream about places I am going to live before I live there. I often dream of people that I eventually end up meeting.

When I have a major deja vu,  usually something big happens afterwards. It is almost as if it is a warning that a storm is up ahead.
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1 Response Jun 21, 2011

I have a dream that leaves me in a cold sweat and really scared. and it's rather silly to think about........there is a bunch of green dots being chased by a bunch of red dots. That's it and it has this affect on me. I don't understand it.