Dream A Little Dream

I believe that dreams have the power to motivate us, propell us, move us forward towards the things that will make us happy in life.  We develop an interest and then begin to dream of being able to do something with that interest which causes us to work hard, set goals to obtain what has become a dream. 
We have to want it, wish for it, and dream for it.  Dreams are powerful indeed they boost us up, make us feel good, and give us hope.  When I saw this title I immediately thought of this song...........

snowberry75 snowberry75
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5 Responses Jul 24, 2011

Thank you honeybit, happy to make you smile :-)

great post, sure left me smiling!

They sure are my friend ;-)

Thanks tink and I do too......its just dreamy LOL ;-)

Sooooo true !! .. and i absolutely love this song .. :)