Watching The Thinker

I have read this book a couple times. The first time I read it around 8 years ago it was amazing to me that I had not thought of these things before. That in itself is the issue that is detailed in the power of now. The fact that our own thinking minds are under control of our lives without us even undwerstanding it. The concept is foreign to everyone because we have been raised our whole lives to think not realising that "the thinker" takes over our lives. The Thinker being our EGO mind. The mind of endless thoughts and perceptions pulls a veil over our eyes to really see. Once I actually watched my thoughts and realised that I am not the thinker, but my mind does it without me trying, I started to understand that the being that is me and part of everyone else is peace.

Life has become more about focus than it has about anything abstract. Simple focus of attention. the child that resides within my mind plays at word games all day long, and play it does with everything encountered.

This is not something that is automatic either. It is a constant work in progress as my body and mind try to revert back to the old ways of my mind controlling every action. The EGO is a strong presence as biologically speaking.
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Have you read The Power of Now? I'm reading it right now, and it sounds similar. Pretty interesting. I'm finding it helpful. :)

yes, that is exactly what this is about. I have my copy at work that I read at times for inspiration and to keep reminding myself the practice.