The Origin Of Fear

Fear is some thing i perceive could go wrong in the future,what an in sane thought, nothing has ever happened in the future because they is no future only the now.How simple this concept is until i get caught with identification with mind, when this happens i loose the power of now. This creates anxiety,nervousness,phobia, dread and worry,why is this ? because i have become one of many billions of people who have joined the collective mind made theory that i am my mind.The collective theory that will eventually destroy its self and our beautiful planet, I believe only then consciousness will arise and we will see the beginning of ( A new earth )
Didlydudar Didlydudar
41-45, M
2 Responses May 22, 2012

yes, Ego a very short word with devastating consequences ,thank you

I think the collective mind might happen to be called the ego. If a person sets ego and the belief that we are somehow more special or different than anyone or anything else we can relax and accept being who we better or worse than anyone or anything else. Individuals are here to learn lessons in this life. When we move away from the reason we are here we tend to become more destructive and miserable in this existence. In other words when we think we know everything we make ourselves miserable because we really don't.