Sending Love N Light To The People Of Christchurch New Zealand

Please all light angels and warriors send your love and and light to the people of Christchurch of my country who have suffered a second devastating earthquake since September last year our healing goes to many of my friends there now

Christchurch South Island New Zealand September 4th 2010 - miraculously no one died


And now again Yesterday February 22 2011 - so far 65 confirmed died but more expected


Sadly after the September earthquake last year the West Coast of the same island suffered the deaths of 29 miners ... one of whom was a 17 year old on his first job since finishing school...


No one at that time predicted that the South Island would suffer another tragedy...and yesterday tragedy struck again

We send the vibration of love to involved and affected...the blackest period for our country ... 

Your prayers all contribute to the healing

Today is day 1 of the long healing ahead

love n light
8FOOTDREAD 8FOOTDREAD 41-45, M 25 Responses Feb 22, 2011

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infinite love to all always.hate and fear r 5 stone weaklings compared to the strength of love.continued and constant love to all.blessings.

blessings to you all for your prayers...we continue to pray for all who suffer here and in the world japan and everywhere

ha ha ha they're out there Danieldewis - thank heavens for angels who wear suits and converse trainers driving flying caravans

iv heard stories from so many people that say the same thing that they were saved by a mystery stranger in a flying caravan /trailer a man they discribed as wearing a suit and converse trainers

who they are saying is called the inventor!!!!

I don't know who this stranger is but his name has brought hope to the people who all told me he came in a flying caravan / trailer which they say simpley faded away making a weird noise

Love and light solia

with all of the pain and suffering happening in teh world and cosmic changes yet to be experienced humanity IS awakening to our infinite potentil for peace, love, light and levity



Dear God, I'm praying that you move everyone in the world to assist the people in Christchurch and to help people in all disasters. Please move everyones heart to living a compassionate life.

And on yours, and theirs.

Blessings on your heart Trish0369

I send my love, light, and comfort to your country and its people. May they find peace and renewal.

Your healing lights bring love vibration into this reality OrangeTas and dreamingmylifeaway

humbled by your support



I will send out love and prayers to those caught in such devastation. And to all the other helpless, hopeless people all over the world. I think that I can make the time to pray for them all. What is happening in Christchurch now is simply heartbreaking.

Yes I join you , it is incredibly sad

The first weekend after the earthquake shock. All are in shock. Numbers of confirmed dead rise each day...numbers of lost and missing still high with no clarity around many - all families affected suffering - now the basic's of food, water and shelter become the aid is amazing...prayers are healing...compassion is for one another the priority...the long road ahead toward a new beginning still choked with the dust of the past 5 days of pain and tragedy...the far horizon for now is set with small steps...the teaching of all ages so vivid now - every day is a gift...materialism is a false aspiration...only love and compassion for one another proves indubitably to be the ultimate truth of humanities purpose here on this earth in this time...that crisis has to be our class room in which the lessons of tragedy and loss are taught is painful indeed to bear...but so many since the dawn of the 21st century have carried this responsibility as our inheritance from the karmic upheaval of the 20th century and beyond...and yet too early for philosophical pontification when so many still just want respite from the past weeks painful experience...and still every moment unfolds as the most miraculous gift of all to all

I pray healing upon those affected

love n light


Love and light to all in need..... visited Christchurch when I was in South island a few years ago.

Hello goddesskamini

To explain clearly - Christchurch experienced a deep 7.1 earthquake last year Sept 2010 where massive damage was done to material but no one died

Sadly this year 2 days ago Feb 22 2011 a shallow 6.3 earthquake hit Christchurch and has killed a so far unaccounted number of people...we all are saddened by this tragedy especially just as Christchurch was feeling like they were getting back on their feet after last year

your prayers mean so much to us now






I will pray that the healing light of our loving God surrounds the the people of Christchurch and comfort them and provide for their needs.

all my love and prayers go out to the people of Christchurch and the people on the South Island of New Zealand in these terrible times!!

I will send love, and prayer blessing to people of christchurch, New zealand.


Blessings CC


I have worried all night with you, 8 ft Dread..

Yes, and may the light that comes from within all of us, join, and bring back the love and fortune of life, to those in New Zealand.

chipperchick ;(


Light n love welshbabe


I am sending, my love, prayers and sending healing thoughts! at this, this most sad time!!

Thank you for posting!