Lost But Not Fallen

It's been a very long time since I really considered the existence of God, likewise, a very long time since I last went to church. I always believed God existed and he can powerful things but my faith has failed to reach me again.

The only reason why I'm comprehensive about going back to church is the whole beliefs against being gay and I would rather just believe he exists and is in my heart somewhere rather than having some church folks telling me I have a devil inside me and that I'm sinning. I've lived in denial for too many years because of that and not going back to it.

Anyway... Onto the point... I still believe that prayer has power. The existence of God is one thing but experiencing what he can do is another. I guess I've just always believed you got to ask and believe something will change because of him. Asking is only the first step to see what he can do to our lives; never forgetting to praise what he has done afterwards.

Having something to believe is what keeps some of us beings going.. just to keep ticking, but for others it what makes us the human we are today.
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I myself believe in God. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I believe in the power of prayer. I don't look at the guidelines of the bible as "rules", I look at them as a guide for my spiritual life. I have a desire to please God with my actions, and those guidelines help me in that. However, I also believe that God is not confined to a set of rules or a certain formula. I pray often that everything I do for God is an overflow of my heart that is filled with him. I WANT to abide by the things that the Lord has said in his word because I want to please God. I believe that God only wants the best for me, and I believe his words of instruction are to help me not to harm or restrict me. I know that God loves me, and I know that he loves each of you, but I also know that he wishes for you to love him as well, and he says in his words "If you love me, you will follow my commands." I am not always perfect, but I do live by his commands, and I don't regret it!

I've just always believed there is a God out there and that one exists. As long as you live as a good person, who should say what rules you should abide by within "perfect living"?

To be honest, I think these 'religions' are a load of crap and made by ignorant people who require more structure in their lives and go the wrong way about it. It is said that God gave us all free will and free speech, to say and do as we please. If that's the case then why all this rubbish about what is considered to be a sin and what is not? it's stupid. I agree that society needs laws and rules to keep it fair for everyone and so that we know it's wrong to murder, rape, steal etc. but the religion rules are stupid...<br />
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I don't know about praying... hmmm, why not?

GOD did give us free will to choose him or sin. the bible does not say anything about free speech! That is a first amendment right. If you want to say something about christianity, you need to know what you are talking about.

I agree with you iamcountry. It is unfortunate that anybody would pray to a God that they neither respect or believe in. CatCodswaddle this is for you personaly- Why are do you pray if you have no respect for the God that set these rules? Yes, I believe God is a God of love. I as a christian follow the rules set forth by God. Which btw- are the rules you mentioned above. Our moral code, constitution, and country were all based on these stupid rules as you called them.

I never said that I didn't believe that there was no god or that I did not respect him. I just said that I did not believe in these 'religions' as they are set down by humankind and we are not perfect therefore religion is not perfect, it doesn't change and it's just a small group of people's views on how humankind as a whole should live their lives. If god really gave us free will, he can't set rules, just guidelines. I don't think all of the rules of religion are stupid just the ones that say contraception and homosexuality are sins. Also that in some faiths women are worth a lot less than men and should cover themselves up entirely in public. We should be able to say how much we cover ourselves up, in some tribes they don't wear clothes at all! My family are catholic, I've been brought up to pray although I rarely do, sometimes when things get really bad, it's a comforting thought that there's something more up there or afterlife. There's nothing to say that there can't be a god. I believe there's something more to all of this and maybe everything happens for a reason or maybe it doesn't. We'll never know.