Please Help Demonic Possession

Post from my blog just asking for some prayers here, you don't have to believe anything I say, but I'm nearing demonic possession of any sort. I have been possessed before, great my sight is warped. Should I raise the meds? I went to a friend who's an exorcist for help. I'm waiting on his reply. All your prayer are appreciated.

"I just went for help. So a familiar Angel who I know told me that I am a Djinn, Genious he explained. I've been called this before by people even an Arch Angel. It's not the name that gets me. Okay maybe a little bit.

Let's go back. I've been in heaven as a blue ethereal or fire-like spirit. I've been in heaven as a red ethereal dragon, as well I have seen a red dragon looking me back with yellow eyes. That's what I know about my pre-life forms or even The Devil or myself?

A little pointless? I felt like I needed to add it. Because how could I be a Djinn? Isn't that a demon? Is it allowed in heaven?

Well the real problem is evil and transformation is overtaking me. It has before. My body has transformed before (slightly) as well I had supernatural powers. It was an incident. I was drugged and still am. But the problem is it is resurfacing. I know what evil is and I'm not afraid. I'm a little afraid of what might happen for fears sake.

Last time this happened so much trouble happened. I nearly died. So I asked for and I'm asking for all the help I can get now!"

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Please help, I broke a sacred promise to the Lord, a great many times now I have been hearing and seeing things, but they aren't that bad, or at least not as bad as the feelings, a pinch or clawing on my back, wind blowing where there is no wind.

I am going to add you to my list of prayers, you need it badly, evil can not over power good, GOD can free you only of you want to be free,

Light and darkness do not coexist. Nothing you have said makes need a Pysch eval asap for a medication change. Seriously...

Listen you forget about archangel Michael, he doesn't ******* I n g exist and forget the exorcism bull cr a p, you are what you are so just deal with it...<br />
<br />
Anyways "djinns" can be both good or bad, and those that pretend to be "angels" are less enlightened than those who claim to be djinns...true you should test it yourself...anyone "angel" who says archangel michael is gonna save you is a damn fool because archangel michael is a fictional character, whose identity any demon can assume...and those who claim to have seen AA mike cannot discern spirits and are to me the "evil" djinns' toys because they are led by ignorance and lies!!!

That's what I'm trying to tell everyone is I'm a good djinn!

Djinn are Elementals- air element, There are others in mythology for fire efireet or a creature referred to a Salamander, Water- Nariad, merfolk or sirens. Earth- gnomes, etc and air sidhe. Demons are a slang reference to the fallen angels cast out of heaven to earth, and most angels have been described as dragons in literature of ancient times, particularly when Babylonian renderings of dragons looked more like a sphynx. Angel translates as a vision or as a messenger.

I've heard both wind and fire djinn, but not wind in a long time!

efireet are esentially djinn- the name assosiacions are for the elements, The salamander is essentially a fire elemental. Sidhe are Kami or fairy, etc.

nice one

It gets better, they were going to run experiments on me. I soooo missed out!

Your a Fool

Your a Fool

Your faith will be the biggest thing to ward off these buggers lol.....Open your heart and feel it spread like a powerful ward or it that you are stronger they.....I mean this spiritually btw. I have been possessed before but not fully.....I while watching from the sidelines I guess I was kinda watching idk.....and when I felt it was time I easily pushed them out like they were no match lol. Haha demons you little devils you lol. I feel they are extrememly stupid....I wonder if there just going to get the hint that They aren't going to win.....But anyway YOur faith Is going to Be your biggest the priest in fright night that used the cross on the master vampire and the vampire told him Hahaha your have NO faith and then he used his faith and believed and yes he wins lol...I wish you the best of luck :)

Thanks I feel a little better today!

praying for you