Prayer And The Great Power It Has For Any Body That Wants It.

Every day i pray,,,,,, some days i might forget,,,i pray when i need help with something, eg selling something for cash or my partners health or just to bring me some money,,and it always works,but its not just for money,its for you to thank god for all the beautiful things in your life. for me its nature ,i find it just mind blowing ,so i thank god all the time for it.
I pray for the safety of my family,so god can watch over them.Just be great full for your lot in life,i am,LOVE and PEACE 
SO NOW YOU  know and its up to you now ,but i can tell you...... prayer works and works for you if you want it to.
Prayer is peaceful and calm and gives you peace in your mind ,,,in trouble time and we all need a little help now and again ,so if you fell depressed our just fed up prayer will help you.So you dont have to pray just because you are religious ,but you will become spiritual when you pray and that is good,, so to all of you in need are not in need ,try it.and if it dose not work god will give you your money back.  
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nice to know somebody still prays,god is in everything ,just watch the little birds in your garden,i am lucky i live in a beautifull part of the world ,


thank you