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I Pray

My soul cries
Not for love
But for pain
The whole time
My heart asks
In an continue cry
In chorus of screams
For peace, my thirst
Tears that fall
Of my calm face
Begging for the taste
Of tremors going away
Body given from „God“
My friend of always
May the healing enters
For my peace and others
I believe in the power of prayer
Hoping this time
I win again
I pray...
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It is good to pray as often as we can. It's talking o God and He listens to every prayer . God bless.

TendereyesPricess,<br />
<br />
No one can know the true meaning of the power of prayers, except for those who witnessed it. <br />
I have and I know and will pray for and with you.<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

*Faerie is always here for Princess*

Faerie only wants to hold you tight... and play with your hair... <br />
<br />
... while we both pray...

I've sent warmth from my heart to you. I thought it was all I had. But there's so much more.<br />
Reserves I never tapped. Thank you for revealing them.<br />
More goes out to you, now.

Yes, There are no other powers than a faithful prayer.

The payers are continuous, <br />
I cry the tears for you,<br />
Keep believing,<br />
Endless (((hugs)))

great prayer

And i pray with you. (((((hugs))))

Keeping the faith alongside you. Praying for you.

I'm starting to pray with You :)

You will win, because you have me on your side so remember that princess. Just have faith.