Sleep Is Not A Problem For God

There was once i was so busy on sat nite..n i had to work the next morning at 7am..n i forgot the time..i just did wat i a had to do..i went out late at the time a reach home it was 4am in the morning...but i had no doubt..i read my bible n had a good time wit God..prayed n spent time wit him..n i ask God pls help me not to be sleepy the next day..i knew God coz i hand a personal relationship wit him..i trusted after that..i morning i woke n went to work..kinda sleepy but no was all good..wit just 2hours of sleep..God can do anything...i mean..dont try to use God just to make u awake..i mean..God is good..does not mean use God when u made a mistake..u dint sleep early..but wat i learn was trust GOd n dont doubt..and than u can say..i believe in the power of prayer..amen
robertoes93 robertoes93
18-21, M
1 Response Apr 27, 2012