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~august 7, 2012~

Thank You Lord Jesus!
Thank You for allowing me to wake up this morning with little anxiety. Lord, last night, I prayed and asked for a certain thing. Thank you for showing me that You always answer prayers.
Thank You Lord! 
I have been praying without ceasing for my precious niece for 2 years. You listened to my worries and you have dried my tears. You have put people in my life who bring me great joy and who really care about me. For all things, I am grateful.
Lord, I pray for all of this hatred, prejudice, indifference, and apathy to end quickly. I pray that our children learn that LOVE is the most important thing ever. Period.
In Jesus' name I pray,
kayblue kayblue 36-40, F 2 Responses Aug 7, 2012

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Well...Amen Sister, aug.7th is my birthday, was praying for you and some of the things you have shared over time. Stay focused and alert so that the enemy does not take you down. God is greater and the Holy Spirit of God is Power in you, you have Christ, you are new. Walk in the promises of God, Speak aloud His Word, it is Power! Put Faith to action. I Love you. So now Fight the good. Fight. ( Lee )

Happy late birthday Bro!~ I hope you were surrounding by people who love you on that day.....
Thanks for reading my prayer and I am so very grateful that you've still been praying for me. That really does mean alot!~ I think that is probably THE most loving thing a person can do for another..... Yeah, the enemy has been trying real hard, that's for sure. The past few weeks have been pretty bad but at least the night terrors have stopped! .....whatcha think about that? lol
i had to stop typing for a while cause i was overcome with the NEED to pray for you and your family.
I will keep on fighting the good fight and you do the same now bro~ I love you!!!
(you're a good egg, ya know?)

amen great prayer it is agust 7 you wrote july 7 by mistake fooled me for a second

ohhhhh! i didn't even notice i did that! hahaha!

thanks for pointing that out, i'm going to fix it now~
(i like to be able to laugh at myself!)