I definitely believe in the power of prayer. Also, I definitely believe God is in control in all of the situations in our lives. That said, I I have a prayer request.

We own a residential construction company. We thought we were going to settlement to purchase a house to do a flip. While we were at brunch earlier today we received a phone call that maybe the deal had fallen apart. Now the owner was asking more money than we had agreed upon about two months ago...$30,000.00 more. Earlier today they wanted $44,000.00 more than original price. Feel like we are being jacked around/squeezed because we have shown a serious interest in this house.

When we got the call earlier today about the house it was not from the owner, it was from one of our neighbors. She even sent an email to this same neighbor. These neighbors have nothing to do w/this deal.

We keep getting mixed messages like the house is still in probate BUT if we come up the the additional $34,000.00 we can settle this week. The estate attorney is on vacation/the estate attorney is not on vacation. The estate attorney is angry because he is also a broker and is not making the 6% commission on the sale of the house, therefore he is dragging his feet. We have been told lie after lie. We really have no idea what the truth of the matter is???? Do they have another buyer who is willing to pay more money???

The owner claims to be a Christian. This gives Christianity a bad name. I am sad for her. She needs our prays.

God is not the author of confusion, drama and lies. We need wisdom and discernment. God needs to sort this one out. If we need to walk away, we will. God's plan not ours. We are in a holding pattern until Tuesday.

We would very much appreciate your prayers.

Thank you,

On behalf of my husband and myself, we very much appreciate your prayers.
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You have my prayers.

Thank you. Still have not heard from the owners???? Or, anyone else regarding this deal accept a neighbor (the one the email was sent to) and friend of the owner calling and asking nosy questions. Strange way to do business?

In a holding pattern: prayed and God has not answered our prayer. Not doing anything UNTIL we get a green light.