Please Pray For Joe (21) Hit By a Drunk Driver

Please visit this website and read up on this young man who was hit by a drunk driver. He has proved the Dr. wrong before and my mission is to get as many people as I can to pray for him at 12:00 noon each day. Will you please help me out with this quest? Please??


Joe proved the Doctors wrong before. I have no doubt that he will do so again. Maybe he will not reach 100% recovery, but this is Joe we are talking about. Who knows what plans he has for himself. We all know that when he sets his mind to something there is no telling what he can accomplish.

I am going to send this website to as many people on my email list and ask them to pray for Joe and his family. I will also ask then to do the same. Who knows how many more people we can get to pray for him. As a matter of fact I think I will ask them to try and say a quick prayer for him at 12:00 noon. That way it will be a set time and many people will be thinking of and praying for him at the same time everyday. I am on EST, but if everyone prays at 12:00 on whatever time zone they are living in the prayers will last longer.

Well I'm off to my email. We are all pulling for you JOE!!

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Thank you SO much feebee. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. I will try to keep you posted. If you want to check up on his progress, the website above gives updates once or twice a day.

I will prayer for him and his family.They need their health so they can continue on. Please keep us posted on Joe and his family.

This is sad. I posted this story about a week ago and only one person took the time to respond and said they would pray. So again I ask for prayers and I also want to thank MadMaximus for caring enough to reply. <br />
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PLEASE PEOPLE give this young man a few moments of your time to say a quick prayer. Thank you so much

Thank you so much. His parents are getting a bit run down I think. He was hit on September 15, 2008. One of them have been with him everyday since then. I worry that they may be destroying their own health. So please ask God to keep them healthy and strong too. Thanks so much