Love Bites

Her chin resting on her upturned hand, she gazed out of the window.  Countryside sped past as the bus bumped and ground along narrow roads, occasional branches flicking and tapping on glass as the vehicle flew by.  She sighed.  It's been far too long, she thought, suddenly aware that her thoughts were wandering to their usual place.  The place her mind went to during quiet moments, when the daily rough and tumble of life stopped for a moment or two and she could breathe and replenish for a while. 

She moved beneath her lover, the layer of sweat between them made him glide all the more easily across her skin and she searched for his lips with her own.  That double join at sex and mouth was where she loved to be.  No space between, no air to breathe but his breath and her nostrils filled with the smell and taste of him.  If she put her tongue to her lip it was still there, the taste of him.  The taste of the lover, unique, without equal. 

She felt his teeth graze against her breast and watched his rise and fall.  She wrapped herself around him, to keep him there, preserving the moment as he filled her and her breath quickened to a cry. 

As she opened her eyes, the hedgerows were still speeding past and rain now trailed down the cold glass.  She sighed again and shifted in her seat, trying to return to his arms.
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Gorgeous... writing!


What a wonderful image

thank you CMA

You are welcome

Thanks all.

Wow Bliss, Now THAT'S the way to pass the time on a boring bus trip!! You always write so well.....AWESOME!

I would love to return to the exact moment also. The man, the woman - both taking and receiving. Hmmmm I hope to dream well tonight.. :)

sweet dreams hon!